Hillsboro Estate & Poolside Wedding: Mike & Lindsey

This shoot was absolutely incredible. I met Lindsey through another styled shoot I did in the Nashville area. Lindsey, now an owner of an incredible new floral company, Gradient & Hue, was a dream client. Not only was she open to shooting at someone's Nashville house (which turned out to be fantastic) & being flexible, but she was also able to create her own floral designs for the entire shoot.

We did this shoot about 6 months after they had been married. Lindsey had mentioned that they didn't have the means to hire a professional photographer, or that they didn't really like the outcome of the first set of photos they got, so why not try again? Doing this bridal shoot after the wedding also allowed us to take the time to get interesting shots in a relaxed environment.

I often have clients do bridal shoots before or after the wedding in addition to the wedding day coverage. Although there are certainly many amazing photos taken on the day of the wedding, it's always fun to grab a few more, interesting and relaxed shots without any rush of a wedding day.

If I could suggest anything to brides, I would say to be confident in your choice of wedding photographer, and to remember to budget for a high quality, experienced photographer. These photographs, while fun to post on social media shortly after your wedding, hold so much more weight as they stand throughout time as the remaining documentation of your wedding day. Build a good relationship and trust with your photographer before the day of the wedding so that you are certain they will be able to get the shots you hope for. Also, if you have little to no budget for a wedding photographer, you can always look into doing a post-wedding bridal session to ensure you have some great photos in your wedding dress!

I look forward to working with Lindsey more in the future, as we have now built a great working relationship as Lindsey starts her new floral design company. It's these ongoing work relationships that make my job so interesting & rewarding!

Check out this shoot featured on Nashville Bride Guide here: http://nashvillebrideguide.com/the_wedding_scoop/article/lindsey-post-wedding-poolside-shoot-by-abigail-lauren-photography

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