Before today, I thought that film was no more than a fancy way to take artsy images--something that people in skinny jeans used to improve their Instagrams. But after today's film mistake of epic proportions, I realized that I have an emotional attachment to my film images. This probably makes little sense, considering I've never seen these photos--they could be completely blacked out, overexposed beyond repair, or nonexistent--yet something about the time spent adjusting the settings, critiquing my composition, and not being able to get immediate results peaks my interest. Because it had been so long since I had loaded that FujiColor Film into the back of my little Soligor camera, it should have come as no surprise to find that I had no idea what I was doing. After finding some confidence in a few YouTube videos, I managed to complete the roll of film and load it back into the safety of that canister (or so I had thought). It quickly became obvious that my new-found YouTube confidence needed some fine-tuning: I opened the back of my camera and there stood the film, exposed to the light of the outside world. Lesson learned: YouTube can teach you many new skills to improve your photography, yet this knowledge applied to film photography should be taken with (much) caution. Here's to those 24 mysterious images that I will never see.