6 Great Up-Do’s for Your Wedding

6 Great Up-Do’s for Your Wedding

Elegant Wedding Up-Do’s for Brides

romantic, classic wedding up-do's for the romantic bride


Your wedding day is the feeling of a great hair day times a million. Wearing a once-upon-a-time dress in a once-in-a-lifetime location is enough to make any girl feel like a vision in white. The way you style your hair only adds to it. 

Many brides choose a hairstyle based on the silhouette of their dress, and one of the easiest choices is an up-do, which keeps your hair out of the way of all your dancing, kissing, and toasting! 

Looking for the perfect style to compliment your bridal look? I’ve gathered some of my favorite romantic wedding up-do’s from over the years to inspire you. 


Lovely, Loose, & Low 

If you choose a formal dress you want to dress down, or if you’re complimenting a simple silhouette, a soft, loose hairstyle with sleek texture creates an effortless vibe. With this style, keep it extra secure with pins, and don’t be afraid to just re-do it: a thrown-together look is beautiful for its ease as well as its imperfections. 



The Elevated Chignon

To amp up the elegance, shift your wedding up-do over towards your ear and add some texture. An intricate hairstyle draws the attention close to your face without taking away from your wedding dress details.

Elegant up-do hairstyle for the modern bride






Half-Up Texture

Natural or not, texture in a half-up style lets you keep volume without having to worry about having a strand out of place. I loved how the florals complimented this look; there is something so beautifully natural about the combination of curls and flowers. 

hair-up hairstyle for elegant bridal inspiration

Sleek and Sophisticated

This bride was royally beautiful with her sleek bun and regal accessories. Even the simplest style can elevate the glamour of your dress and jewelry, so don’t feel like you’re playing it safe with soft, sleek hair. A sophisticated style can give you even more room to play with the rest of your bridal look.



Tucked-under Tendrils

If romance is your goal, tendrils are the ticket. Effortless, face-framing curls define your cheekbones and create a beautifully bohemian feel. By tucking in the ends of her hair in a nondescript bun, this bride keeps the focus around her face. 




Wispy Texture

The details of this look combine to create Pinterest-worthy inspiration any bride can use: texture + accessories equals a romantic up-do fit for a bride. 


My advice to all brides is to remember that your hair is another accessory where you can express yourself on your big day. Don’t feel too much pressure: your look will come together in all the little details, from your shoes to your scent to your hair, and in the end, your bridal look is yours, so have fun!