10 Must-Know Tips | Planning Your Dream Wedding

10 Must-Know Tips | Planning Your Dream Wedding

Interview with Top Wedding Planners | Velour Premier Events

You got the guy. You got the ring.

But what steps do you take next?


Planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming. There are more than enough decisions to be made, especially in those first few months. In order to help you tackle these to-do lists (and avoid some costly, unpleasant mistakes), I have sat down with Nashville wedding planning, Angelina Ruiz with Velour Premier Events to ask those pressing questions you have.

No. 1 | If you could only give couples three pieces of wedding planning advice, what would that be?

  1. Talk about budget first and foremost! A lot of the stress of wedding planning comes from the “unknown.” If you know where you plan to spend on each category or vendor, the planning process will be much easier.
  2. Come up with a clear and effective game plan with your wedding planner on how you will complete wedding tasks.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Worry about what we call “big rocks” first (Photographer, food & beverage, florals, entertainment, cake, rentals). All the Koozies, Favors and Monogrammed napkins can wait! 

No. 2 | What is one thing you see couples wishing they had done differently in their wedding? 

Doing a first look. A lot of couples who decide not to do a first look wish they had done one so they could’ve gotten more newlywed shots. 

No. 3 | Personally, what are the top three things you think couples should invest in for their wedding day?

That’s a no-brainer! Photographer and Planner and Entertainment. The planner and photographer collectively run the timing of the wedding day and the entertainment sets the tone of the reception. The photographs are what you have left after the party’s over. It’s how you relive the moments and even catch moments you may have missed on your wedding day. 

No. 4 | What are a few things you think couples should look for when choosing their venue(s)?

  1. Rentals | What rentals are included? This is a big one because you could save hundreds on tables and chairs if they are included.
  2. Do they have an “open vendor” list? | This is huge for brides that are trying to be conservative in specific categories (like bar packages). If it’s open vendor you will have freedom to shop around for the best quality an best priced bar service (for example, we love Apertif Nashville and AeroBar).
  3. Additional charges? | Often times venues require day-of insurance, and security and parking services that are not included in the venue fee. Be sure to ask about any additional charges so you’re not surprised later and can add that to your budget. 

No. 5 | What is one hurdle brides should possibly expect when planning their wedding, and how would you suggest tackling this?

 Believe it or not – the Seating Chart. This is when panic sets in because everyone has an opinion when it comes to your wedding and specifically on who sits with who. It is impossible to please everyone. I suggest creating a game plan early and seat people together with others they will enjoy talking to. If you’re having a sit down dinner then don’t skip the seating chart!

No. 6 | What app or apps have you found useful in helping keep track of all things wedding planning?

We love using “Microsoft To-Do” and “Wunderlist” to keep track of tasks. We actually share our tasks list with our brides so we are all on the same page with what’s going on. 

No. 7 | What is one unique wedding idea you’ve seen recently? 

We had couple that did “Fun Facts” about the bride and groom on their custom bar napkins. We’ve also had a “champagne wall” that was a HUGE hit for wedding guests entering cocktail reception. Each glass had their name and table number so it doubled as place cards. Win Win!

No. 8 | In your opinion, what’s the ideal number of months for a couple to be engaged (in terms of getting everything planned well)?

8-10 months is the sweet spot! If you start too soon, you’ll change your mind. If you start too late you’ll feel overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you have make so quickly. 

No. 9 | What’s one piece of advice you’d give brides in learning to deal with difficult family relationships on the day of the wedding?

Let your planner be the neutral party and help you communicate. Your planner is your right hand the person that is the “calm within the storm.” Let them help you so your day is stress-free. 

No. 10 | Why do you think it’s necessary to have a professional planning team help create a bride’s dream wedding?

Planning a wedding is not like planning a holiday party, birthday party or other social event. It takes patience, and clear plan, and attention to detail.

Having a wedding planner takes the stress out of the unknown. For most brides, this is the first time planning a wedding, so having someone to source vendors, review contracts, and send reminders for tasks that need to get done will help make the planning process much easier and less stressful.

Planning a wedding is a FULL time job. Find a planner that understands your vision, communicates well with you and stays calm under pressure.

So what will your next wedding planning steps be? Let me know in the comments below what vendors you’re currently searching for.

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