abigail (Abi!)

Hey Bride-to-Be!
You're probably wondering...
Why the sombrero?!
That's my incredible husband on our wedding day, and YES - we had the most EPIC dance party, complete with a mariachi band, sombreros, and a checkered dance floor.

i.  You can call me Abi!  (Yes, that's only three letters) 
ii.  My yearly family trip to Seaside, FL is my favorite! 
iii.  The best way to get to know me is to go on walks with me.
iv.  I dance at every reception I shoot (ie. THIS photo!)



lead photographer

We believe in the celebration of the moment, the desire to throw your hands in the air, dance your butt off, and have those memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

You think about how one day your own kids will look at each and every one of these images, and how you want them to know just how you should celebrate life!

"We're always ready for a confetti party!"


The ALP bride loves to celebrate with friends & family, treasures classic, timeless images, and loves the moments captured that can only happen once!

I believe in lazy days, simplistic style, and coffee stronger than most like it. And I'm always ready for a confetti party!

There are only a few moments that define our lives, that resonate in our memories. It's those moments that we capture, to relive once more. 

nothing is ever really lost, as long as we remember it.