With almost a decade of experience as a wedding photographer, and a BFA in Graphic Design, Abigail approaches each and every wedding as a unique opportunity to document her clients in an honest way. Abigail creates imagery that documents real life, belly laughs, happy tears, and the atmosphere of each wedding. 

I want each of my clients to walk away from their wedding weekend feeling that they never sacrificed the moment for an image. To document a wedding is to let it take on a life's of its own, to create imagery that has a soul, and never to "stage a show" for others to view. You should feel genuinely yourself on your wedding day, and my process will give you every opportunity to feel this way. 

When Abigail isn't flying to her next wedding destination, you can find her at her home in Tennessee, relaxing with her husband and family. Each year, she takes on a small number of weddings to ensure she can deliver the finest service to each and every client. 



Every incredible image begins with a beautiful moment in time. If the past decade of being a photographer has taught me anything, it's that the moments that are gone in a heartbeat are the most important, and they're rarely the moments we expect. Each image is created to stand alone, as a piece of art, as a memory, as something you'll hold close to you for years to come. These moments can never be perfectly planned out. Placing all of your trust in both your planner and me will allow the rest to simply fall into place for your wedding weekend. 

moments matter.

the why

Imagine, for a moment, that you are at the end of your wedding day. You are hand in hand with your new spouse, and you're reminiscing on the wonderful day that just flew by. What do you want to remember? How do you want to feel? 

The entire process I walk my couples through enables you to be completely yourself. I focus on the moments, rather than posed photographs. The process will allow you to fully experience your day, without my presence interrupting that. In the end, your wedding images will remind you of how it felt to be there. These fleeting moments matter.

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