The Sweetest Proposal Story You’ve Ever Heard

Are you ready for the sweetest proposal story?!

I mean, actually, people. Here are the beautiful words written by Becks.

It all started on my 21st birthday, when my boyfriend at the time, John, gave me a necklace as a gift. The necklace was a small chain with an old-fashioned key on it. He had told me that he had found the key in a thrift store and thought it would look cool as a necklace, so of course I thought nothing of it, besides it just being a cute and creative gift! Moving forward, I had worn this necklace nearly every single day receiving compliment after compliment from our friends and family.

 About 4 months after my birthday, on October 21st, 2016, John had told me that he wanted to take me out on a date, because it had been a while since we had been on one (which was true). He had told me to dress up a little, because he wanted to take me somewhere nice!

After he gets there to pick me up, he told me that we first needed to run by his bank because he had to reset the PIN number for his debit card because he forgotten his (not an unusual request, knowing him).

So we get to the bank, and we are sitting at one of the teller’s desks working to change his PIN when the teller says, “Would you mind stepping downstairs real quick? John, I need you to sign some paperwork in regards to your account.”

At first I really didn’t think much of this, because she had made it seem like a completely normal request. We worked our way down this spiral staircase, where she led us into the bank vault that contained all of the security deposit boxes. As we walk in, the teller walks over to a filing cabinet, and unlocks a drawer from which she removes another key. She then walks over to one of the security boxes in the wall, which required two keys to open, and uses the key in one of the locks. She then turned to me and John and said, “Can I have the second key, please?”

At first, I was just so confused because I really didn’t know what was going on, until John turned to me and said, “Can I see the necklace I gave you?” It was at this point that I caught on to what was happening! I gave him the necklace, freaking out a bit, and he went to open the box. At this point, the bank teller had gone back upstairs, so it was just us two in the bank vault. Once the box was opened, there was a letter, a small bouquet of tulips (my favorite flower!), and a small blue box.

He read the letter (fighting the tears), and got down on one knee and proposed! I was so shocked, and completely taken aback because he had bought the ring around the same time that he had given me the key necklace!

After we composed ourselves, we returned back upstairs where every employee at the bank began to clap, because they had all been in on it. I just couldn’t believe I had just been proposed to in the basement vault of the bank. Definitely a day I will never forget for the rest of my life.


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