Belle Meade Private Home Wedding | Hannah & Jacob

Meet Hannah & Jacob.

Guess how we spent the evening!

This summer evening we shot in the most gorgeous Bellevue 17th/18th century home. Hannah & Jacob, about 2 months after their wedding, put back on their wedding attire to get a few more beautiful portraits.

If you had my vote, every couple would do a portrait session within a few months of their wedding – no timeline, no rushing, and getting to put that wedding dress back on one more time!

Up close portrait of bride and groom on wedding day in Belle Meade private home

Wedding Photography in Belle Meade Plantation Private Home

Wedding Portraits in Belle Meade, TN


Considering a post-wedding couples session will take off much of the wedding-day pressure to get every image. Plus, who doesn’t want to be in their wedding dress again?!


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